How To Pick Your Central Florida Wedding Venue


October 14, 2023

Ever feel stuck on where to begin on how to choose a Central Florida wedding venue?

Capen House Wedding Day- Central Florida Wedding Venue

Of all the choices you have to make when planning a Central Florida wedding, where do you even begin in narrowing down your wedding venue. I’ve been there and completely understand it’s lot to think about so today we’re going to talk about venues, specially how to choose a Central Florida wedding venue. WOOHOO!

The venue you decide to have your wedding at is so important because it will be the place you celebrate becoming one with your future husband or wife to be. This will be the place you remember sharing special memories with your loved ones and your partner. Your venue is where you’ll exchange vows, get ready, and celebrate your first dance. Let’s just say it’s a very important decision but when you take time to think about what you want it will be easier to decide which venue is right for you.

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Picking A Central Florida Wedding Venue

Choosing your wedding venue can be an exciting and challenging decision. So here’s some questions you’ll want to ask yourself as you start narrowing down this decision.

1. What’s your allocated budget for your wedding venue?

When thinking about how much you want to spend on your wedding take time to allocate your honeymoon and miscellaneous costs as well. If you take the time to determine how much you can spend on each area of the wedding day it’ll make it easier to narrow down which wedding venue you can afford.

2. What date do you want to get married?

Central Florida wedding venues can book really fast in advance. So the quicker you can determine what wedding day you would like the faster it will be to determine which wedding venue will work for you.

Outdoor Central Florida Wedding Venue

The Importance of Choosing A Wedding Theme

3. How do you envision the theme of your wedding day?

I love talking about wedding themes. There’s so many to choose from and the reality is not every venue can accommodate every theme. So once you decide what theme you would like it will be easier to see which venue can bring that vision to life.

4. Determine the maximum capacity of guests you would like to invite

Let’s talk about the guest list. I know we all want to invite as much people as possible. Okay, maybe not all of us. However, I know we want our special people in attendance on our wedding day. As much as this is true, you can’t forget with every guest in attendance the price of the overall wedding goes up. So it’s important to know if you venue can even accommodate the guest list you have allocated for.

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Determine What Is Important To You

5. Are having all inclusive amenities nearby important to you?

Is access to the nearby airport within 20 minutes from the venue important? Do you need ADA accessible amenities ? Are having a bridal and groom suite on site important to you for getting ready? All these questions are important to think about. So before you start looking at venues it’s crucial to narrow down which venue will work for you.

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