How To Plan A Micro Wedding During Covid


October 28, 2020

Micro weddings have been taking the wedding industry by storm. As Covid-19 swept through the nation, many engaged couples were faced with tough decisions on having to post pone their wedding day. Throughout the course of the past few months many couples are opting to have smaller intimate weddings with their close loved ones. From elopements down to micro weddings the current climate of wedding celebrations are changing and couples are many couples are embracing every second of it. As with any wedding, one of the most important components of the day is simply getting to marry the person you love. With that in mind, couples are really embracing this concept of micro weddings and having virtual watch parties for guests who may not have been able to attend their celebration.

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What is a micro wedding?

How exactly do you plan a micro wedding during a pandemic? Where do you start in finding venues that are open and how do you start the wedding process when you may not be able to meet a business face to face? Today I am going to be sharing some simple and easy tips on how to plan a micro wedding during covid. So what in the heck in a micro wedding anyway? I’m sure if you are a newly engaged bride in Central Florida you have heard the term micro wedding before. Maybe you haven’t and that’s okay . A micro wedding is basically a smaller intimate wedding that typically has a guest count of 50 or less. Micro weddings also have a more relaxed ceremony and reception.

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Covid-19 Micro Wedding Planning Ideas

  1. Start thinking of your wedding them
  2. Research the perfect venue for you as a couple
  3. Acquire A Marriage License
  4. Narrow down your guest list to 20-50 attendees
  5. Rethink adding children or plus ones to the guests list
  6. Start thinking of your wedding vendors
  7. Go dress hunting
  8. Determine if you want to stick to traditional wedding elements
  9. Book your wedding photographer
  10.  Hire Your Wedding Planner
  11. Outsource any remaining vendors
  12. Determine the flow of your wedding reception
  13. Make it uniquely you
  14. Enjoy the day

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