4 Reasons You Should Do A First Look


December 27, 2019

I think it’s time we talk. You know about that thing you may have heard about, but have no idea what the heck it is or why you should do it. I’m really excited about today’s post because I’ll be explaining 4 reasons you should do a first look. If you’re reading this newly engaged and wondering what a first look is don’t worry I got you covered. A First look is a special time where the bride and groom get to spend a few private moments together before their wedding day. A first look can be secretive where you don’t see each other before the ceremony. In doing so, you are typically separated by a barrier like a door or blind-folds. However, you can opt to do a typical first look where you both see each other and spend some quality time before the wedding begins.

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4 Reasons You Should Do A First Look

Growing up most of us heard about the traditional wedding ceremony . You know the one where the bride first sees her groom for the first time when she walks down the aisle. However, first looks are breaking that mold and becoming a more popular amongst couples. Still not convinced this may be the right option for you? Here’s 4 reasons why you should do a first look on your wedding day.

1. More Intimate Quality Time Together

I’m sure you’ve heard of this before but wedding days can fly by fast. One second you’re getting ready with your girls drinking mimosas, and the next you’re celebrating your first dance. I mean it goes by fast! In doing a first look you both get to spend quality time together without the chaos of all the events going on. It can even be just 10 minutes, but this special private moment is made for you. You can cry (if the feeling arises). Better showoff your wedding dress with a twirl if he spins you around. Either way whether you hug, kiss, or cry we’ll be cheering you on along the way .( Probably secretly wiping a tear away too from all the sweet love radiating from you guys.)


This is something I wish I did on my wedding day. It would’ve been a nice additional moment by ourselves to be present together. It is incredibly special because you can pray over each other and recite sweet notes you wrote and truly soak in the moment. I promise it won’t take away from your groom seeing you down the aisle. He’ll be stunned every moment he sees you in your beautiful wedding dress. That incredible feeling will never go away on your wedding day.

2. A Relaxed Moment Without The Pressure

Throughout your wedding day all eyes will be on you. Everyone will want a hug and to congratulate you on being newly husband and wife. Weddings are such a unique event celebrated with friends and family.¬† You deserve a relaxed and chill moment without the pressure of everyone watching you. A first look is an amazing way for that to happen. It’ll calm your nerves and elevates some of the pressure before you walk down the aisle. A lot of couples look forward to this moment because they can’t handle the idea of seeing their fiancee for the first time in front of all their guests. Knowing that you have already had your special moment together you can better relax and focus on the wedding ceremony.

3. You’ll get more time to enjoy cocktail hour. Bring on those expensive crab cakes!

You know those expensive hors d overs you paid for? YES ! Remember that catering bill? Okay, well if you truly want to enjoy those without thinking about family formals or bridal portraits you’ll want to do a first look. Bring on cocktail hour!


4. More Lit Wedding Photos

If wedding photography is something you value on your wedding day it takes a structured timeline to capture your unforgettable moments. Time has to be allotted for everything in order to make sure nothing is missed. When you opt in for a first look, the pressure is completely off because you can knock out so many portraits beforehand. Some of those include the bridal party portraits with your bridesmaid and groomsmen. In addition, a majority your bride and groom portraits will be done. After the wedding ceremony, you’ll only need around 15 minutes for family formals. You’ll also get 2x more bridal portraits¬† with your babe. Weddings like life can be unpredictable and there can be delays that can cut into your timeline. When you have a first look it can ensures no matter what may happen on your wedding day you’ll still have time to capture plenty of photos of your love. In doing so, you’ll be able to spend more time enjoying those appetizers, drinking, and partying with your guests.

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If you managed to read everything in this article and still aren’t convinced thats okay because a first look isn’t for everyone. If you want to stick to tradition and only want to see your groom when you walk down the aisle that’s perfect too after it’s your choice. Weddings are such a beautiful celebration and I’m just so thankful to be apart of your epic day. I hope you found this wedding article helpful and tune in next week for another wedding planning tip.

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