Christian Wedding Ideas : 5 Easy Ways To Incorporate Your Faith


November 19, 2019

Are you a newly engaged couple searching for christian wedding ideas, and looking for ways to incorporate your faith throughout your wedding day? If so, in today’s post I will be sharing 5 christian wedding ideas. These tips can be incorporated throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. At Love and Serve Photography, I think it’s so important to plan for your marriage, and not just the wedding day. One of the first things my fiancee and I thought to do was to incorporate our vows centered on Christ, as the foundation for our marriage.

5 Christian Wedding Ideas - Love and Serve Photography

Christian Wedding Ideas – Incorporating Faith Throughout Your Wedding

Christ Centered Wedding Vows

Of course, that leads me into my first christian wedding planning tip which is to incorporate your faith throughout your vows. Your wedding vows are sacred, and you should really take time to and think about what you would like to say. I have so many tips about writing your own vows, but I’ll save you the time in reading this long novel and cut it short. When you are writing your vows ask God to help you in putting together the words you are thinking on paper. Tell God you want him to be the foundation of your marriage. Spend time stating how you need his knowledge on the best ways to tell your love story on paper.

Marriage is such a beautiful thing and being able to find someone who compliments you is something to celebrate. I think incorporating your favorite bible verse at the start of your vows is a great way to start.

Christian Wedding Ideas- Incorporating Music or Readings

Nine chances out of ten you’ll catch me listening to Christian radio when Ariana Grande or Sam Smith is blaring through my speakers. I just love the feeling when God speaks through me in the form of music. It’s a beautiful thing guys. When planning a christian wedding another easy way of incorporating your faith is through playing worship music. You can do this during your wedding ceremony or reception. It could be by simply playing your favorite worship song before the bride walks down the aisle.

You can also incorporate worship music throughout a first dance. It really sets the mood for the entire day and it’s a special way to incorporate Christ throughout your day. Another way of doing this can include having someone special read a small verse of scripture praying over the couple.

Wedding Gift Ideas

Have you heard of Etsy? If not you can stop what you’re doing and just check out that site. I see you Netflix and Youtube tabs. Etsy is a handmade marketplace where you can buy unique goods from sellers around the world. Online marketing places like Etsy are amazing places to find unique christian wedding ideas. You can incorporate kraft goodie bags with your favorite bible verses with small chocolates inside to give to guests. The list of what you can do as guest favors is endless and Etsy is a great place to start.

The Secret First Look

Having a first look is an amazing way to spend a little extra personal time with your bride or groom. I love first looks because you get to spend some quality time with your best friend before the festivities of the day begins. First looks also allows you to take some your bridal portraits and wedding party images before the ceremony begins. Doing this ahead of time allows your to really spend more time with your loved ones since most family formals would have already been done. Seriously guys, whether you opt in for a more traditional secret first look or a regular first look it’s something you should consider. One incredible way of incorporating Christ in this process is reading a bible verse. You can also simply pray over your marriage with blindfolds on if you want to be more traditional. Incorporating christian wedding ideas throughout your big day doesn’t need to be meticulous it really is easy to incorporate.

Washing of The Feet

When Jesus washed the feet of his disciples in John 13: 1-7 it signified his servanthood and humility  to them. Being able to incorporate this same principle throughout your wedding ceremony would be a commitment to lovingly serving your husband and wife. This is such a beautiful reminder to always have humility and to love in all that you do in Christ.

Christian Wedding Ideas: 5 Ways To Incorporate your Faith Throughout Your Wedding Day - Love and Serve Photography

Christian Wedding Ideas- Orlando Wedding Photographer – Love and Serve Photography

So here’s a quick recap on 5 christian wedding ideas to incorporate throughout your wedding day. Just in case you’re like me and need something fast to reference here they are:

  1. Wedding Vows
  2. Christian Music or Readings
  3. Christian Wedding Party Favors Bags
  4. Secret First Look
  5. Ceremony Washing of the Feet


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Searching for more wedding planning tips don’t forget to view my blog to check out some amazing content here. If you are also searching for more christian wedding ideas be on the lookout for part 2 next month on my journal here.

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